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Our Values:

Zoological Lighting Services™

We are a responsive modernist firm that considers light as the key component of our environment.

We believe that 'our' environment is culturally and economically determined from historical, physical, and psychic resources. Light represents a crucial spatial element key to any ecological understanding, and it requires much attention in design in order to improve environmental welfare and mental stimulation of our communities. Above all, we offer a more vigorous and healthy way of living on the planet.

We consider the definition of health to be
the ability to play and engage with life's richness.

As a company, we believe that zoos and aquariums are
unique in character and importance for public health and welfare.

Zoological Lighting Services™
serves such institutions, and is an
AZA Commercial Member
(Association of Zoos and Aquariums).

Our Mission:

Zoological Lighting Services™

seeks to establish elegant yet ecologically sensitive lighting as the industry standard for zoos and aquariums.

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