Our Goals:
Aquaria of Squid and Jellies

Marine exhibits featuring the role of light in ecosystem relations, translate not only to dark-sky initiatives but to an understanding of responsible aquaculture practices. Zoological Lighting Services seeks to inform the design of such exhibits, to relate the aesthetic appeal of stunningly back-lit jellies to overall conservation initiatives.
Bio-luminescent Exhibits

We seek to be designing glow-worm (fire-fly) exhibits, as well as exhibits demonstrating the subtlety of bio-luminescent animals. There are many reasons for this, but mainly to raise awareness of the delicacy of nocturnal and undersea luminous environments. Insect exhibits can highlight photoperiodism and circadian rhythms, and therefore provide a cool educational tool with incredible aesthetic appeal (skitterish kids can learn a lot too...).
'Bird-Safe' Exhibits

We seek to be designing all exhibits to bird safe measures. This is a lighting designer's problem in part, in part an architectural problem and part of problem of landscape. We can contribute to each component. Bird-safe development is a necessity to mitigate the nearly one BILLION bird deaths a year due to strikes with glass and exhaustion from luminous attraction and/or capture. Zoological Lighting Services considers bird-safe design to be a conservation imperative, and so we seek to work not only on avian exhibits in general, but across our facilities to address this growing problem.
NIght Safari Exhibits

We seek to create ecologically sensitive night safaris, to make the transition to night operations fun, elegant and ecologically sensitive. It behooves zoos and aquariums to address the consequences of artificial night lighting upon the environment NOW, as a conservation imperative. Zoological Lighting Services seeks to raise public awareness of habitat degradation through its partner Non-profit, The Zoological Lighting Institute.
Nocturnal Exhibits

We seek to be designing nocturnal exhibits, as an architectural type that overlays the night upon the day. Conservation initiatives of the past century have in large measure only considered half of the story...forgetting that the night creates luminous environments quite distinct from those under the sun.
Reptile Exhibits

We seek to emphasize the fascinating role of light in reptile husbandry, to improve understanding of how important light is to ecosystem health. Guests are fascinated by the subject..and we wish to underscore the uniqueness of the animals and the beneficial role of zoos in the understanding of their complex physiology. Plus, reptiles are fun.