Zoological Lighting Services™ explores the role of light through both the form and content of exhibits, providing full services for provided for Architectural, Landscape and Exhibit Design, including exhibit planning, research and design for photo-biology related exhibits.

Led by licensed and registered architect Dr. James Karl Fischer (New York State) and an Illumination Engineering Society Member, Zoological Lighting Services™ has the expertise to pursue lighting as a crucial and novel art form for the aquarium and zoo industry. Our work can be tailored to fit the AIA Design Services Phases or the RIBA Plan of Work as necessary. Services also include an assessment and commissioning phase to ensure continued compliance with lighting design goals.

Our work maximizes the perception of light in a space. We pursue Exhibit Design in relation to Master Planning (lighting zones), Fixture Design (sculptural and light sculpting), Lamp and Glass Studies.

Our design priorities include:

  1. Exhibit enhancement to achieve appropriate visibility of collections.
  2. Photo-topic enrichment to bring out subtle collection behaviors.
  3. Public awareness of the importance of light to wildlife systems.