Zoological Lighting Services™ is a unique lighting design company
with sensitivity to artistic and ecological demands alike. We work
internationally, wherever key zoological or wildlife conservation
projects are to be found. Our main office is in New York City, in a
nexus of global networks.

We work in a collaborative spirit,
thinking on our feet in the nascent science
of environmental photobiology.

Most importantly, we are
interested in the various relationships of light to life.

Sometimes, we work as
interested in the radiometric aspects of light
as a physical quality.

Sometimes, we work as
with expertise in photometry of light,
interested in the role of light
in cultural understanding.

We always work to be healthy. We believe that
this means to develop and maintain the ability to play,
and that to play is to explore and experiment.

Dr. James Karl Fischer is the driving force behind Zoological Lighting Services.

James is a zoo junkie...with a unique PhD that explored the history, theory and practice of professional ethics in medicine, law and architecture. He is a licensed architect, registered in the State of New York, currently serving as Overseas Council Member for the Royal Institute of British Architects ( and Board Member for the RIBA-USA ( Dr. Fischer began explorations of light as a physics major in the 1980s and has pursued lighting design as an architect ever since. He holds a BA from Wesleyan University, with a major in Physics, an MArch from R.P.I., and the Master's and PhD in Architectural Histories/Theories from the Architectural Association in London. He also serves as the Executive Director for the Zoological Lighting Institute (